Safety 360

We have prioritised safety in the work place and have our own Health and Safety Department operating with three staff members. All work teams have their own SHE representatives. We implemented the “Safety 360” system to assist us in embedding our health and safety focus as part of our culture. Safety 360 is cloud-based, fully interactive, and mostly paperless. HSE requirements and actions are addressed in the system, ensuring involvement by all employees. The system further ensures legal compliance in the execution of our various types of activities. Safety 360 is currently used by 140 companies, among them, some of SA’s top Telco’s.



The Company has been accredited with a NOSA Vodacom Supplier Vetting (Level: High Risk Work Capability). We are accredited for the supply, installation and maintenance of Civil Works and IT Infrastructure.



The Company has a CIDB Level 4CE rating, which will shortly be upgraded to Level 7CE with additional 4GB and 4EB ratings.